Jonathan Joseph’s Advocacy for Bank Client Featured in a Special Report to the Washington Examiner: “The Little Bank That Fought Back”

In a special report to the Washington Examiner, Jonathan Joseph is featured as part of the story of Westamerica Bank’s 2002 faceoff with the Greenlining Institute. The article notes that Westamerica Bank has the distinction of being the one bank that fought back against the Greenlining Institute.  After Westamerica filed a bank merger acquisition with the Federal Reserve Bank in 2002, the Bank endured the then standard protest and negative press campaign initiated by the Greenlining Institute.  However, rather than capitulating to demands of Greenlining officials the Bank called upon its attorney, Jonathan Joseph, to assist it in achieving its legitimate business objectives. The full Examiner article can be viewed here.  Ultimately, Mr. Joseph’s advocacy for his client was completely successful.  As stated in the article “the Fed granted the application in about six months – lightning speed for a bureaucratic agency bogged down by red tape.”  This article was part 3 of a 5 part commentary exploring the Greenlining Institute and  whether its tactics constitute political extortion.